Good design is a language, not a style.

Impress Group


Impress Group is Lebanon’s only integrated content, design and publishing house. Our roots stretch back to more than 40 years with the leading local newspaper Attamaddon. In the new millennium, we expanded with a dedicated graphic design and printing agency, and since then, we served more than 1000 happy clients with a broad range of services: Design And Content, Preprint And Print . We are the country’s only agency with deep expertise in content creation, design works, and publishing. This positions us to be your preferred marketing, communications and PR partner. 

We are deep listeners and we strive to build lasting, authentic relationships with our clients. We pay close attention to your objectives and challenges, and act on them with thoughtful, quick, professional and affordable solutions. We simplify the often-confusing considerations one has to make while creating a publication, an advertising campaign or marketing materials. Empathy and expertise is our key and cache, so why not work with us today?